You suspect that someone has misappropriated part or all of your inheritance?

Two offences must nevertheless be distinguished: concealment of inheritance and misappropriation of inheritance. Whatever your situation, solutions exist to assert your rights. However, this involves a complex legal procedure and the advice of a lawyer experienced in inheritance law will be indispensable. In close collaboration with lawyers competent in inheritance law, IRYS-Private Detective brings you all its investigative skills to collect elements to support your case.

In the framework of inheritance or misappropriation of inheritance, the following cases can be observed: forged signatures, bank withdrawals and transfers on a vulnerable person, forged bank power of attorney, modification of a will under pressure, forged signing of a life insurance policy, fraudulent marriages, fake sales, etc. 

But we also speak of breach of trust when an owner of a property is robbed of this property, which was previously entrusted to an individual. 

As with theft, the property was first handed over (following a written or oral agreement) to the perpetrator of the breach of trust. This same individual subsequently misappropriated the property or failed to return it in a timely manner. 

Unclaimed life insurance policies!

Since 2016, the law requires insurers to make every effort to search for the beneficiaries of unclaimed life insurance policies. This is the ECKERT Law of 13 June 2014 (in effect since 2016).

An unclaimed life insurance contract is when the capital has not been paid to the beneficiary following the death of the insured and is therefore kept by the insurer.

Insurers are therefore obliged to verify and identify their life insurance policyholders every year. They are also required to look for the beneficiaries of these contracts. 

In general, the clauses of the insurance contract make it easy to identify the beneficiary or beneficiaries. However, it is possible for life insurance policies to designate deceased beneficiaries. In these cases, it is their heirs and successors who become beneficiaries.

To find these new beneficiaries, it is sometimes necessary to undertake genealogical research. 

Therefore, in view of the insurers’ obligation to trace the beneficiaries, insurance investigations can be required. 

IRYS-Private Detective works in close collaboration with genealogical experts. Our work does not stop at genealogy because once the new beneficiaries have been identified, we must then be able to locate and find them.

This is when the private detective intervenes because only he has the necessary authorizations to carry out this kind of investigation. 

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