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IRYS is a consulting and private investigation firm based in Aix-en-Provence capable of operating well beyond our national borders. We handle both private and professional matters.

All our investigators have obtained the title of Private Investigator – Private Detective granted by a professional university degree and have also received all applicable authorizations and approvals issued by the National Commission for Private Security Activities (CNAPS). They work as a team and are well-versed in combining in-the-field personal skills and legal expertise, which guarantee serious, high-quality work.

IRYS has the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate the materialization of evidence with the utmost discretion.

A summary report is systematically given to the client. This document is admissible in a court of law in the same way as any other kind of proof and is subject to the sole discretion of the trial judges.

IRYS is competent in carrying out assignments of any nature, especially in the social, private and penal fields, subject to the strict respect of legitimacy, legality and morality, which are the fundamental principles for our acceptance of an assignment.

Our archives are kept strictly confidential and there is no risk of a data breach. Whether the client be professional or private, IRYS guarantees that the documents provided by its customers to conduct our investigations will never be disclosed. These documents are destroyed at the end of the assignment.

The law of 18 March 2003 for Internal Security defines the profession of private investigative agent – private detective as “an independent profession whereby a person collects information or intelligence for third parties, even without disclosing his capacity or revealing the object of his assignment, for the purpose of defending the interests of their clients.”

Private detectives are agents that search for evidence and intervene after the signing of a mandate agreement that complies with the provisions of articles 1984 to 2010 of the Civil Code. They can also intervene after signing a company contract.

The investigators – private detectives, as well as their agencies, are subjected to the control of the National Council of the Private Activities of Security (CNAPS), which is a guarantee of moral rectitude and worthiness.

IRYS is located at the center of a strategic crossroads of activities and exchanges between northern Europe and the Mediterranean enabling great responsiveness in its actions. We benefit from transportation infrastructures that offer geographical proximity to the main European capitals and cities.

Do not hesitate to contact IRYS-Private Detective. Our investigators are specially trained in all types of surveillance.

IRYS-Private Detective has a fleet of appropriate vehicles that allows its investigators to discretely operate in the field and in teams. IRYS-Private Detective’s investigators have very diverse characters, which affords an interesting and unquestionable leeway in their actions.

A surveillance can last several days in a row. The complexity of this investigative act is obvious, but it is counterbalanced by the wide variety of our investigators, their complementarity skills and the diversity of their appearance.

Surveillance is an essential investigative act and it cannot be improvised!

IRYS private detectives all have a solid legal background and serious intellectual faculties that allow them to develop timely strategies to obtain the best results. Their adaptability and capacity for anticipation are our selection criteria.

Surveillance and shadowing are not passive acts. Without careful consideration, you’ll fail!

IRYS private detectives are trained in the use of new technologies and their training is reviewed regularly.

In addition to surveillance and shadowing, IRYS investigators are competent in securing the optimal evidence, but at the same time respect the private lives of all concerned. This is to avoid any invalidity in a court of law and it is subject to professional confidentiality.

Remove all doubt!

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