Unfair competition


Are you the victim of unfair practices on the part of an associate, an employee, a partner or a competitor?

You suffer a loss of business and revenue due to practices such as misappropriation of customers, theft of customer files, poaching of employees, disclosure of expertise or manufacturing secrets, non-compliance with a non-competition clause, denigration, parasitism or confusion.

IRYS private detectives operate with complete discretion and reactivity to enable you to discover the truth and to help you establish a possible complaint file before the competent jurisdiction! Unfair competition is a crime, we act to defend your interests.

Unfair competition is omnipresent in business life and takes new forms every day. The development of new information and communication technologies (NICT) contributes to this growth. Because it’s difficult to detect, but also because of French legal traditions, the law applicable to this sector is defined almost exclusively by case law, which also contributes to reinforcing its constantly evolving character.

Free competition allows companies to advertise in order to increase their reputation and attract customers. But sometimes the line between legal and illegal is thin, and the damage unfair competition does to your company and its revenue can be significant.

This concept is found in the Commercial Code and the Consumer Code and includes all competitive actions and procedures intended to cause harm to competitors. In other words, anything that is contrary to healthy competition.

Mastering the law of unfair competition and following all revisions and updates, IRYS is able to program targeted, effective and legal interventions, in synergy with your legal counsel and lawyers to protect your interests.

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