Fraud affects all sectors and insurance is no exception.

Fraud affects all sectors and insurance is no exception.

False claims, false declarations at the time of contract signing, exaggerations…

Fraud is a reality!

Whether the fraud occurs at the signing of the contract or while it is in vigor, IRYS investigators have the means to identify them in order to help insurance companies reduce their financial losses incurred by false claims and payment of undue benefits to dishonest policyholders.

Insurance companies and mutual health insurance companies regularly call on the services of insurance investigators. These private detectives specialized in insurance investigations are privileged partners in thwarting any attempt at fraud, obtaining details on the circumstances of a claim or finding the beneficiaries of unclaimed life insurance policies.

Most often, a private detective is engaged after the intervention of the insurance company’s expert or the internal investigator. They verify the circumstances of the insurance claim and evaluate the extent of suffered damage.

If the insurance company needs additional information or has doubts about the insured person’s good faith, it can engage an independent investigator whose objective will be to clarify the circumstances of an insurance claim (investigate the conditions of an automobile, domestic or professional accident, research the origin of a fire, etc.), to establish a presumption of fraud through corroborating evidence, to establish proof of insurance fraud.

The insurer seeks to defend the interests of his company and the community of its clients. Indeed, in case of fraud, it is all of the company’s customers who assume responsibility for the unduly paid sums. An increase in fraud leads to an increase in insurance premiums for all clients.

It is therefore important for both the insurance company and its clients to fight against any form of cheating in order to preserve the interests of all.

Also, an insurance company can contact a private investigator to defend the interests of a client.

This is the case, for example, when the insurance company must search for the heirs or beneficiaries of an unclaimed life insurance policy, as it is now obliged to do since 1 January 2016 according to the Eckert Law.

Our investigations are thorough and our reports are substantiated according to standard practices.

Remove all doubt!

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