Is your family unit cracking?

You notice a change in the behavior of a loved one?

You no longer recognize your family and you feel like you’re losing your identity?

The dialogue is broken within your family and you feel the negative consequences of this in all areas of your life?

Whether it is a question of educational deficiencies, for example bad behavior between your new companion and your children, discovering that your teenagers have unsavory friends and you suspect them of taking drugs, IRYS-Private Detective is ready with surveillance systems, shadowing and investigations in order to verify time schedules and activities and behavior, especially when there are suspicions of abuse or violence.

Our inquiries integrate various methodologies used in field investigations in this domain. They allow for a complete overview of a given family situation. Through detailed reports, our private detectives provide clues or evidence to defend your interests or those of your family.

However, investigations of marital and family matters require compliance with legal, moral and warranted guidelines. Therefore we systematically refuse certain services such as installing spyware on a computer, a telephone, hacking a mailbox, obtaining a detailed invoice or carrying out illicit surveillance on third parties.

IRYS works in close collaboration with experts in the field such as family lawyers, judicial officers and notaries. We accompany you throughout the entire process.

Our objective is to make your case as relevant as possible, whether in arbitration or before the Family Court.

Remove all doubt!

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