Anticipate the risk, detect it to minimize its impact. Establish a real culture of protection for employees and the sensitive information they hold.

Management’s participation is essential. By communicating its commitment and setting an example, management (as well as the entire management team) can transmit to all employees the values it wishes to see developed within the company.

In addition, during the course of the project, it is easier to call upon the hierarchy to reinforce the approach and to relay key messages at a more operational level.

The desire to ensure companies’ economic security is based on a deep and necessary understanding of the conditions of competitiveness and the need to protect their assets.

Your staff or yourself have to carry or handle sensitive or even strategic information. Is this information of interest to your competitors and certain opportunists? More than ever, you are potential targets, accessible at any time throughout your professional and private lives. Certain reflex actions and a positive attitude in front of these new risks are your best assets to protect the confidentiality of the information you carry while travelling.

Remove all doubt!

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